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Bible Covenant Community Church – A Small Church with a Big Reach

Whether you're new to York, SC or you are simply looking for a different church, you'll find that Bible Covenant Community Church is unique in all the right ways. The first thing you'll likely notice is its size. According to its website, it currently has just 25 members. However, it is seeking to expand its membership.

This gives you two benefits that are hard to find in other churches. One is a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, and the other is an eager, welcoming feeling. This Christian church is not insular like some small congregations are, but is glad to get new members and visitors.

One of the reasons it is so eager to accept new people is that it has a missionary drive at its heart. It is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, which is a much larger organization than itself. The Christian and Missionary Alliance has over 6 million members, and is made up of several smaller churches in the United States. This organization, in turn, is part of the Alliance World Fellowship, which covers over 88 countries and over 22,000 churches.

When most people hear the word "missionary," they think of long trips to foreign countries. However, this is just one facet of missionary work. At Bible Covenant, the current missionary work includes visits to a nursing home, the production of Blessing Bags, and other mission support. These activities are scheduled for different Sundays each month, so there is almost always something to do to help spread the message of Christianity and better the lives of others. Notably, these activities take place in the evenings, so it is never "too much church" at the same time.

This Christian church also divides its ministries up according to what people are seeking. Its site has helpful links for things like spiritual growth, finding belonging, gaining hope, finding direction, help for prayer, and general information about the church. Each one leads to information, suggested Bible reading, and includes links to other resources.

Unlike some churches, this Christian and Missionary Alliance church doesn't expect you to immediately jump in with both feet. In fact, its spiritual growth page explicitly acknowledges that you might already go to a different church or even none at all. It hopes that over time, you'll become more interested in Christianity and having a relationship with the living God.  And, perhaps, this church can play a role in helping you to grow in your faith.

Even though the church doesn't explicitly state a denomination in its name – in fact, it specifically says it is independent - it does refer to some concepts that help to let you know some of what to expect. It links to Billy Graham's site and mentions being born again. As already noted, it also has a missionary focus. This is enough to show that you should expect an evangelical experience. It also mentions being relaxed, so it is unlikely to have a lot of rigidly-structured worship. This will be a place that wants you to feel comfortable while you're there, yet be fired up to spread the Word by the time the service ends.

The organization is partnered with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, following what it calls the Fourfold Gospel. In short, it sees Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. The last one, Coming King, is central to its mission. It believes that it needs to fulfill the Great Commission, which is to make disciples of all the nations.

Missionary work that helps the local community is one of the best ways to spread the Word. You'll get out and meet plenty of people outside of the walls of the unassuming brick building, and they'll get to see you doing acts of good in person. This is often more effective than going on long-distance missions to places where you'll be a strange foreigner with no ties to the community.

Local work is also more feasible for the majority of people, which is an essential component of success. After all, if spreading Christianity required an investment of thousands of dollars and months of time, hardly anyone would do it. That wouldn't get the message spread nearly as well.

This doesn't mean that there are no opportunities for old-fashioned missionary field work. These opportunities arise through the Christian and Missionary Alliance, which sends select people abroad to spread the message. Those who are ready to undertake such a mission can talk to the local church leaders or the Alliance to learn more.

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