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we are made for relationships


God, from the very beginning, never intended for us to go through life alone.  The Christian faith is all about relationships; with God and with others.


The early local church in Acts 2:42-47, would have been a small group of Christ-followers within a town or community who devoted themselves to fellowship, belonging, remembering Christ, and growing in their relationship with God and each other.  They were a family who prayed together, studied God’s word together, and tended to the needs of the church and of others by serving together.  ...  Together, they were living the call to declare and demonstrate Christ.



The Bible Covenant family is a circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love, committed to one another, kept by God, living the call together.

living the call

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Lord, I love the house where You live, the place where Your glory dwells.                                                                 

Reaching UP. Reaching IN. Reaching OUT.

is how we


with God, with brothers & sisters in Christ, with others

You can, too!

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Bible Covenant is a COMMUNITY Church

COMMUNITY --- a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals;a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants (people living in the same area)

We are a COMMUNITY church by both definitions.

BCCC is a group of Christians gathering together for fellowship

in a building located among the residents surrounding 1712 Lincoln Road

within York, SC.

 Life isn't meant to be lived alone.           

Come, make a connection.

shake hands

We'd love to meet you!

Come, join us for any of the following

                    church gatherings, community touches, or global focus directives. 

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So, if you are in our area, looking for a place to worship the Lord and have fellowship, or are wanting to know more about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian,

join us.

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Social Activities & Outings

Click here 

for upcoming  events

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Prayer  Time

Wednesdays @  7:00

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Evening Bible Study

Sundays @ 6:00

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Sunday School

Sundays @ 10:00

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Morning Worship  Service

Sundays @ 11:00

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Community Support

Click here 

for upcoming  events

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Seasonal Ministries

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for upcoming  events

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Outreach Planning Meeting 

5th Sundays @ 5:00

Missions Support

4th Sundays @ 5:00

Blessing Bag Ministry

3rd Sundays   @ 5:00

Nursing Home Visitation 

2nd Sundays   @  4:00

Meet & Greet Social 

1st Sundays   @   5:00

Obviously, as a small church, we can't offer you all that a large church can.

BUT, consider this ..

Large churches promote small groups as the opportunity for their members to 

"get connected"

(meet people, build relationships, go deeper, get involved).

So, as a small church, we can offer you everything that small groups are intended for.

Come, connect with us!

Get Acquainted & Involved

for spending time with us here today


Ministries & Events
Church Gatherings
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