When we are born (physically) as a baby, we are expected to grow and develop with the passing of time.  And, if that doesn’t happen, there’s a problem.  When we are born-again (spiritually) we are babes in Christ; expected to grow and develop with the passing of time. And, if that doesn’t happen, there’s a problem.  

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  To Him be glory, both now and forever!  Amen.                                                            2 Peter 3:18

Growth requires nutrition (taking in God's word daily), interaction (spending time with God in prayer), exercise (applying God's word and doing His will), and a healthy environment (being in fellowship where there's good instruction, care, and encouragement). 

Are you growing?

Growth is a process that takes place over time. We're not expected to become mature Christians overnight.  But, we should be working towards it and wanting it.  ..  Do you remember saying as a child, "I can't wait to grow up"?

Are you getting what's required for healthy growth?

Are you excitedly anticipating the growing process?

And, actively pursuing growth?

Reaching UP. Reaching IN. Reaching OUT.

is the process and the evidence of


as Christians, when we first get saved and are born-again, the first type of reaching that we typically do is "upward".  We begin to develop our relationship with God through Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit by attending a Sunday morning worship service at a local church, reading the Bible, and praying.  Then, as we begin to grow in faith and knowledge (and comfort), we tend to take the next step and begin to reach "inward" by attending a Bible study group and participating in fellowship activities within the church, to build relationships with like-minded believers.  And, as we mature spiritually, we feel more confident and passionate about reaching "outward" to those that we have relationships with (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers) outside of the church, and even those we don't know (strangers), - wanting to share our faith and help them to know the Lord; as well as wanting to touch the lives of others with the love of Christ.  ...  As we grow, we reach for more.  And, as we reach for more, we grow.

Are you


your full


Are you


and growing

in the lord?

Do you have a vibrant, rich,

personal relationship with god? 

You can!

(you just gotta want to)

If you want to learn about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian,

learn God's word and know Him,

grow in grace and knowledge as a Christian,

learn how to live out your faith in everyday life,

and so much more,

- then come join us and grow with us at Bible Covenant.

But, if you're not ready for that yet, or you already have a church where you attend,

- we understand.

It's more important that you have a good and right relationship with the Living God than with us.

So, please look around at the resources and links on this page.

Hopefully, you will find something that will


G – Go to God in prayer daily (John 15:7).

R – Read the Bible daily (Acts 17:11), beginning with            the Gospel of John. 

O – Obey God moment-by-moment (John 14:21). 

W – Witness for Christ by your life and words

       (Matthew 4:19John 15:8). 

T – Trust God for every detail of your life (1 Peter 5:7). 

– Holy Spirit: Allow Him to control and empower

      your daily life (Galatians 5:16-17Acts 1:8).

plan to grow

To help facilitate your spiritual growth, practice the following.







in our community

some wonderful ministries

on the web

studies & devotions


and the

christian faith



we're still working

on this






We hope that you've enjoyed some of the information and inspirations provided on this page.

But, we encourage you to be in fellowship so that you can grow

in your faith and in grace and knowledge of the Lord with other believers.

Come, grow with us!



for spending time with us here today


come Visit With Us This Sunday
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