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say "yes", "I can", "I will"


The message to us, as Christians, in Ephesians 2:1-10 is that salvation is by grace through faith apart from good works, but it should inevitably result in a life of good works.

Good Works

“Good Works" encompass every aspect of our thinking and conduct before God.  It consists of being who God wants us to be and doing what God wants us to do.  We should be and do what is pleasing to God and what is fruitful, serving His purposes.

Christ is the root,

good works is the fruit.

We are not Christians because we do good works.  We do good works because we are Christians, believing and abiding in Christ.  As we abide in Christ, our nature should change, - and it should become more natural for us to serve and please God than ourselves.

When the grace that saves us, changes us ...

it will result in good works and service

that will change our world!

inspirational signs

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16 

Reaching globe

Do you want to see change

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in your



in your


Dewy Purple Foxglove

in your


Floating Bubble

in your church

Pink Sand

in your life

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in your


Purple Clouds

in your world


in your home

if so, be the change

Be the one who will step up, bow down, and serve.

Reaching UP. Reaching IN. Reaching OUT.

is the natural overflow of salvation

and is how we SERVE as Christians

We are God’s workmanship, made for His purposes; to know Him, love Him, be in a good and right relationship with Him, and to do His will of obeying, honoring, and glorifying Him in service, - so that others might know Him.  Service, by the simplest definition, is to do the will of another.  God makes it very clear in His word, that if we love Him, we will do His will (keep His commandments).  When we reach up to God through worship, prayer, and Bible study, - we are doing His will (serving the purpose He created us for).  When we reach in to the Church family through discipleship and fellowship, - we are doing God’s will (serving one another that we might be strengthened in our faith and grow in grace and knowledge).  When we reach out to others through showing and sharing God’s love, - we are doing His will (serving those who don’t know God, so that they can know God).

Pretty Fabric pattern

Service isn’t difficult work,  it’s simply a definitive heart response.

“Yes”, I love you, God, and want to do Your will.

“I can” do Your will through Your grace and power, God.

“I will”  do Your will, God, and not my own.

“Yes, I can, and I will .. serve.”


Get Engaged & Invested
Pray, Give, Go
 Pretty fabric pattern

Service isn’t difficult work,  it’s simply a direct sacrificial act.

In kingdom work, there are three main acts of service to be done.

Pray. Give. Go. 

here are some ways to change your world by simply serving

(By shining .. By showing and sharing the love of God)

The following prayers can be lifted up for yourself, other individuals, churches and ministries, your community and country, the world.

Time, energy, enthusiasm, gifts, talents, abilities, and resources can be given in the following ways.

Make a difference in people’s lives when going to any of the following places.

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  • For God’s name to be exalted

  • For kingdom work to be done

  • For the gospel to be shared

  • For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit

  • For repentance, salvations, transformed lives

  • For God’s word to be taught correctly

  • For ears to hear, hearts to receive

  • For spiritual awakening

  • For spiritual growth

  • For healings (spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally)

  • For wholeness and well-being (love and unity) within churches, families, marriages, hearts

  • For those who are lost, lonely, abused, abandoned, hopeless, helpless

  • For strongholds to be broken (addictions, disorders, destructive vices, anger, pride, etc)

  • For needs to be met (resources, guidance, comfort, protection, etc)

  • For successful efforts of ministries and missionaries

  • For good stewardship

  • For Godly leadership in positions of influence (government, schools, businesses, media, entertainment, healthcare, churches, families)

  • For men and women in uniform to be kept safe and strong

  • For persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ

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  • Devote time to God

  • Care for your family’s well-being        (spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally)

  • Support your church

       (be present, participate in ministry,               tithe faithfully)

  • Nurture and support relationships   (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, other believers)

  • Support other ministries and missions

  • Work honorable unto the Lord

  • Volunteer in your community     (mentor, tutor, caregiver,  transportation, etc)

  • Donate items for good causes

  • Help someone in need                      (do a task, pay for a bill, supply food, provide companionship, etc)

  • Pray (see ways to pray on this page)

  • Listen with compassion                    (just be there and let someone know you care)

  • Do a thoughtful act of kindnes          (it’s always A.O.K to send a card, flowers, an encouragement basket,make a meal or a phone call)

  • Make amends, extend forgiveness

  • Share a smile, a hug, some kind words

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  • Go home (be present for your family)

  • Go to your prayer closet (spend time with God)

  • Go to church (be part of a fellowship  of believers where you can grow)

  • Go to your friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker when they need help or support

  • Go to a local ministry to lend a hand

  • Go to individuals who are lost, lonely, hurting, less fortunate within your relationships and your community  (nursing homes, orphanages, homeless shelters, etc)

  • Go to organized clubs, services, events to meet new people who might not know the Lord (look for opportunities to share Christ)

  • Go to community events (be actively involved to learn, support,and belong .. and, of course, meet others)

  • Go vote and go to local officials when necessary (have input and influence)

  • Go on a short-term mission trip (there are needs within the US, as well as other countries)

  • Go to your personal mission field   wherever you spend time (grocery store, hairdresser, gym, etc)            and use whatever God has given you(time, money, abilities, compassion, scripture, etc) to touch lives with the love of Christ

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with us

Do you have a gift or passion for ministry that you’re not currently using?

Do you want to give toward kingdom work, but not sure how?

  • Come, help us with a ministry; teaching, music, media, missions, prayer, hospitality, transportation, maintenance … 

  • Support a ministry or missionary financially; opportunities listed here.

  • Donate items to a ministry or mission as listed here.

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GO ..

with us

Do you love people?

Do you want to touch lives with the love of the Lord?

  • Join us as we visit with the residents at White Oaks Nursing Home.

  • Help distribute Blessing Bags of food and other necessities to those in need.

  • Assist with transporting children or seniors to church and back home.

  • Let us know if there’s someone we could directly minister to, - and we'll go with you.

ways to serve @ bccc

And, here are some


with us

Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Do you have a prayer warrior's heart?

  • Pray for us; our members, our ministries, our mission; that we would connect with our    community, grow in quality and quantity, and serve faithfully, joyfully, and fervently.

  • Join us on Wednesday nights for prayer time.

  • Help us pray for the requests listed here.

Come, serve with us!

for spending time with us here today


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