we're glad you're here


for spending time with us here today


All this is for your sake, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.                                    1 Corinthians 4:15

It’s been said that a website has become the front door for greeting visitors.  So, consider yourself invited in with a warm smile and a friendly handshake.  

to get to know us.

and look around.

We want our website to be more than the front door to Bible Covenant Community Church.  We want it to be an open door that leads to a good and right, personal relationship with God.

If you have any questions, we’re just a click or a call away. 


We hope that after spending some time with us here, you will come visit us in person.  We would love to meet you. 


But, more important than spending time with us and getting to know us, we hope that you are spending time with the Lord (somewhere) and are getting to know Him. 



Reaching UP. Reaching IN. Reaching OUT.

What's it all about?

At BCCC, it's our purpose for being a church and our process for doing what God calls us and commands us to do. Read more.

Knowledge .. Discipleship .. Ministry .. Fellowship .. Generosity .. Stewardship .. Community .. Missions

through Prayer, Bible Study, and Worship




deeper faith

deeper  purpose

through the service of

Praying, Giving, and Going




deeper relationships

through Prayer, Caring & Sharing, and Togetherness


to  the  Church




REACH! --- meaning “to stretch or extend in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something”.  It involves movement.  It implies effort.  You can’t lean back, relax, stay comfortable – and reach that specific something that you want.  How much energy you are willing to spend depends on how badly you want what you’re reaching for.  The more it means to you, the farther you are willing to stretch and extend yourself.

What are you reaching for today?

(click on the image below)


I want to know about Jesus

and what it means to be saved.


I want to be loved, accepted, and

cared about, like I matter.


I need to do something different to

have something different in my life.


I want to know how to get to a life

filled with  joy, purpose, and value.


I have a need 

that I need God for.

We are here for you!


I want to know more about

Bible Covenant Community Church.


I could use some help

with something specific.

How can we help you?

Here are some of the CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES for you to come reach with us at Bible Covenant.

Current Studies

to help you grow in knowledge

of God's word, will, and ways; and increase your faith.

Adult Sunday School

Doing Good Video Series by Chip Ingram

Morning Service

Revelations Verse-By-Verse

Evening Service

Study of First John

Current Gatherings & Events

to help you  make connections

and build relationships.

Adult Sunday School

Doing Good Video Series by Chip Ingram

Morning Service

Revelations Verse-By-Verse

Meet & Greet Social

Every 1st Sunday Evening

Current  Ministries

to help you  utilize your gifts;

and discover your

passion and purpose.

White Oaks Nursing Home

Every 2nd Sunday Evening

Blessing Bags

Every 3rd Sunday Evening

Missions Support

Every 4th Sunday Evening

Mark your calendar for these UPCOMING

studies, events, and ministries.

(click on the event box for more details)
with Jesus
Sun. Sept. 9
New Study
Sun. Sept. 16
Yard Sale
Sat. Sept. 29

And, check-out some of the HIGHLIGHTS from 

recent studies, events, and ministries.


Of Truth





We're still working on this section.

Thanks for your patience.

to God

to Others

come Visit With Us This Sunday
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Join Us -- Service Times

Sunday School - 10:00am

Morning Worship - 11:00am

Evening Study - 6:00pm

Wednesday Prayer - 7:00pm

Exception:  The 2nd Sunday of the month we visit White Oak Manor

Nursing Home at 4:00pm and have a Ministry Planning meeting at 6:00pm.

Find Us -- Location
Connect With Us



1712 Lincoln Road

York, SC  29745

PO Box 291

York, SC  29745

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